Welcome to Dear Boa

Geelongs best make up artist

I am Maddi, the visionary behind this cherished beauty sanctuary nestled within the heart of Geelong, Torquay, and the scenic Surf Coast.

Born and raised amid the serene beauty of Jan Juc's sun-kissed beaches and the idyllic charm of the farm life in Bellbrae, my journey into beauty began with an affinity for the natural world's allure. Growing up in a relatively big family, including 2 sisters, my passion for all things hair, makeup and beauty started flourished. Geelong became my canvas for nurturing both my nursing career and my passion of aesthetics. I entered into my nursing degree with the end goal to carry into injectables, which is exactly what happened. Guided by a dual commitment to healing and transformation, I honed in on my makeup artistry skills through a specialised diploma in 2013 which followed by earning my nursing registration in 2017 at Deakin university. My unwavering dedication found its expression in the pediatric and plastics ward at Geelong's St. John of God Hospital, where compassion and care held sway.

A decade of unwavering dedication to the beauty industry has forged a path of excellence. From esteemed skin and injectable clinics to the enchanting world of bridal and commercial photoshoots, I've curated a reputation for expertise that shines through every transformation. I truely believe that beautiful is a feeling and not a look, and that is what I continue to try and create.

Dear Boa transcends being just a beauty haven; it's a sanctuary where elegance and tranquility converge. Whether your transformation unfolds under the spotlight of a commercial photoshoot or as you prepare for your monumental wedding day, I believe that beauty is a journey of serenity. My commitment lies in presenting flawless work that enhances your innate radiance, all within an environment of calm and joy.

At the heart of Dear Boa lies a community-centered philosophy. We believe in the magic of kindness and mutual support. Our aspiration is to create a warm, welcoming space where everyone feels embraced and empowered. Whether you seek advice on beauty or inspiration for gifting, our doors are open to assist. We have a range of beauty needs such as hair, tan's, injectables and many other incredible business owners who can not only help with your special day, but your special event or your monthly hair appointment etc. Reach out to us, and let's navigate the journey of beauty and self-discovery together.

Dear Boa extends its embrace beyond beauty and wellness, curating an array of pyjamas, slippers, and gifting treasures. Whether you're a bride embarking on your journey or someone seeking the perfect present for birthdays and special occasions, our offerings are designed to elevate each cherished moment.

Dear Boa is your steadfast ally on your bridal journey. Our consultation space is tailor-made for brides, providing a space to discuss wedding bookings and offering a comprehensive checklist for your special day. We're here to ensure your big day is seamless and filled with joy.

Dear Boa is where bridal enchantment, beauty indulgence, and heartwarming gifting converge. Allow us to guide you through a world of elegance and luxury, where your beauty and your moments are celebrated in their fullest essence. This has been an idea I have been curating for many years, I have never felt so sure about something and I cannot wait to have you all to come along for the ride with me.


With love, Maddi
Founder, Dear Boa